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This summer, my wife, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque ( see her work at ), is starting a year of travel in search of educational opportunities and art communities starting in Asheville NC where she'll be studying drawing under a master painter. This is, of course, not a cheap endeavor and in support i'm releasing an affordable art print. Local buyers interested in picking the print up directly will have the shipping fee refunded and can contact me directly for arrangements. All funds will go to Elizabeth to help support her in her year long art adventure.

Plenilune featuring Elizabeth Levesque and the fabulous Ninj.

Got a call early this morning from the Miami New Times about the plagiarism. It's mind boggling how these things can blow up. The article also includes a response from the plagiarist and the gallery which unknowingly was showing his work.

Thank you to all you wonderful people who helped get the word out Molly Crabapple, Alix Fox, Zoetica Ebb and everyone else who blogged, reblogged and shared.…


Walking around Art Basel, this weekend I came across a few pieces in the Scope show that looked pretty familiar. There was a sampling of 3 pieces presented by the Robert Fontaine Gallery all by the same artist. I recognized my photography in two of them and the third was a copy of my good friend Marie Killen's photo. When i got home a quick google search reveled that nearly his entire body of work was comprised of other peoples photography. No credits were given, though that wouldn't have put the artist in the clear. Josafat Miranda hadn't bothered to change the composition or content in any appreciable way, even though that too would not have put him in the clear.

For me, photography was a hobby, something i did for fun. But it was art. These weren't candids, they were carefully composed, edited photos. The model traveled, did her makeup and helped style the shoot. Put simply, it was a collaborative artistic endeavor by me and the model Tracy P.

Marie Killen is a wildly talented photographer living in North Carolina. Photography is her passion and craft and she does it extremely well. In my opinion she's one of the best photographers in her genre. Her shoots require far more work and planning than mine ever did. She's developed, through hard work and practice, a recognizable style.

What Josafat Miranda has done here reveals a total disrespect for photography as an art form. He's quickly and with very little creative altercation, harvesting the yield of someone else's hard work. What makes a painting strong, isn't just the brush strokes and the rendering method, more, much more, than that is the composition, the subject matter and the hundreds of creative decisions that go into making an original piece of art.

Josafat Miranda…

Marie Killen:…
I recently helped co-curate a group show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to hand during the Andy Warhol - Portraits show.

We chose contemporary artists to customize empty soup cans however they saw fit. The results have been amazing. The show is still up till August 19.

You can see, and purchase, the customized cans at the below link. All proceeds go to the artists, the museums educational programs, and the Virginia Food Bank.

The artists included are
Lauren  Albert
Glenn Arthur
Monée Bengtson
Eric Thomas Bostrom
Heather Bryant
Diana Caramat
Amy Chan
Kris Chau
Nomi Chi
Luke Chueh
Doug Clarke
Dominique Fung
Susie Ghahremani
Christine K. Harris
Charlie Immer
Sarah Joncas
Ewelina Koszykowski
Elizabeth Levesque
Jason Levesque
Jason Limon
Jim Mahfood
Dan May
Soey Milk
Dave (davmo)  Morris
Buddy  Nestor
Raymond Nordwall
Charmaine Olivia
Amanda Outcalt
Conrad Roset
Alan Skees
Kristen  Skees
Sayaka Suzuki
Eveline Tarunadjaja
Casey Weldon
Chet Zar
My excellent cook friend, Alicia Luma, is on her way to opening a 24 hour donut shop in downtown Norfolk, VA. She has a solid business plan and years of experience in restaurants/catering/et cetera.

She started an IndieGoGo funding campaign, like Kickstarter, to help build up funds in order to demonstrate public interest to the powers that be of Norfolk, potential investors and to renovate the space she has been given, an empty restaurant on Granby in downtown Norfolk.

I and another artist both created prints for her campaign. If you donate $75, even if you live far away, you get a copy of my print , shown in my deviant gallery.

It'll be printed 12 x 12 inches, limited edition, on artist watercolor paper.

I hope you check out her campaign here

She has already reached her goal, but every bit helps, especially since she's found that the space needs more renovation than expected. She is a smart and dependable lady. Every dollar will be used efficiently.
Facebook Event Page -…

Lorrie Saunders ArtGallery is pleased to present the works of Jason Levesque, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, Allison Sommers, Glenn Arthur, Nomi Chi, Cate Rangel and Jessica McCourt.

Award winning artist and illustrator, Jason Levesque (AKA Stuntkid), is back again this summer and this time he is bringing along 6 of his uniquely talented friends for a fantastical display of original paintings, drawings and digital artworks.

As guest curator, Levesque has selected a group of artists he has admired for a long time and whose artwork, like his, is inspired by illustration. According to Levesque, "I'm a huge fan of every one of them and was very excited to have the opportunity to invite these artists to exhibit in my hometown of Norfolk, VA. I consider them my contemporaries, as we all tend to get invites to the same group shows and appeal to a similar audience."

Among the "friends," three reside on the east coast, including Levesque and his wife Elizabeth Levesque of Norfolk and Brooklyn based artist, Allison Sommers. The others, Glenn Arthur, Nomi Chi, Cate Rangel, and Jessica McCourt hail from the West Coast where illustration derived artwork, often referred to as Lowbrow, has developed quite a foothold. Even though Levesque hesitates to categorize all the participants in the FRIENDS SHOW as Lowbrow artists, he does concede that all are affiliated with the movement noting that, "the movement, call it Lowbrow or whatever, it doesn't get a lot of exposure in Virginia. The artists tend to show in cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle."

According to Levesque, as curator of the FRIENDS SHOW, his intent is to introduce to the Hampton Roads community a dynamic group of young, nationally recognized artists whose creative efforts reflect an edgy illustrative style and to deliver a gallery happening rarely experienced in the state of Virginia.
my piece "Paint Job" is currently available in limited edition for a very limited time over at 1xRun :)
I will have a piece in a group show this June at Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia.

The opening reception is Friday, June 3 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

Black Vulture Gallery
208 East Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Live painting by Cam Rackam & Genevive Zacconi
Live music by Decap Attak & Samsara

Artist list:
Mary J. Sheridan, Bree Hanrek, Crystal Barbre, Keith Wigdor, Dave Fox, Hoode, Vinny Osmers, Scott Cranmer, Cam Rackam, Jeremy Hush, Tatomir, Cliff Wallace, Dan Barry, Edward Robin Coronel, Clint Carney, Paul Romano, JL Schnabel, C.J. Stahl, Kat Gun, Heather Gargon, Kristen Ferrell, JoKa, Dan Harding, Lana Gentry, Donnie Green, Isis Graywood, Ginger Ellen Hansen, Kazilla, Jason Levesque (Stuntkid), Charlie Immer, Roberto Morales, Spine Stealer, Peter Adamyan, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Bianca Olson, Katie Perdue, Jimmy Krimmer, Shann Larsson, Lauren Rusignola, Travis Lindquist, Robert Bauder, Nicole Boitos, Brian Smith, Leila Marvel, Kate Collins, Zac Shiffer, Aaron Crawford, Scott D. Wilson, Mike Wohlberg, Eric Eaton, Brett Hess, Dave Glass, Jason Goldberg, Jeff Faerber, David Hollenbach, Ewelina Ferruso, JL Joseph Beaulieu, Jeremy Cross, Patrick Greenwood, Karl Persson, Michael Carbonaro, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, Jeremy Holmes, Ivan Mora, Joe Leonard.

The facebook event page link is below -…
I'm now on tumblr as well!
My wife and I will both be in a group show at the Virginia Beach Contemporary Art Center / CACV, this coming Thursday, March 24th.


My wife -

Me -
headed to sxsw this weekend. first time attendee. excited!

Signed and numbered by the artist

Printed on Heavy Watercolor Art paper
Limited Edition of 50
12″ x 18″

I was lucky enough to be included in the art book compilation SKULLFACE. Check it out at the link below.…

'Over 70 artists get to grips with Death in all his guises. An unequaled showcase of todays painters and illustrators, featuring the likes of Alex Garcia, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Shawn Barber, Mike Giant and Jeral Tidwell.'
I finally opened a tumblr account. Join me!
This early December, through the 2nd to the 5th, I will have work at the Multiversal show in the Awarehouse Gallery located in the Wynwood area of Miami, Florida.
I have been noticing more and more print requests here in my Deviant Art gallery.

Please, if you would like to purchase work from me, go to my website.

I sell limited edition high quality prints there. All are signed and numbered.

You can see them at
I'll be there!

Plastik Wrap boutique,
2235 Dundas st. West

Opening reception with refreshments from 7pm till 11pm

Show runs through August 2010
Facebook event page -…
I keep seeing print requests on Deviant Art but I don't sell prints through this site.


I do sell my work. I currently am selling limited edition fine art prints of my work at the
j fergeson gallery >…

and own my own site >

They are all printed on heavy watercolor art paper, numbered and signed.
This weekend, June 4th thru the 6th, I'll have a table at Heroes-Con in Charlotte, NC.
For more info check out -

"Donkey Skin" for "Fables and Follies" an upcoming show June 11th at the Alternative Cafe' in Monterey California. This show is curated by Josh Geiser of and includes work by Dave McDowell, ApricotMantle, Jessica Ward, Dan Harding and more.
Are any of you lurkers from Central VA or nearby?

LIzzel and I are having our first show together at the Jarrod Fergeson Gallery in Farmville, VA. It's about an hour from Richmond and Charlottesville.

You can check out the gallery at . It's a really nice space. They'll have free refreshments at the opening, May 8th, from 5 to 8 PM.

You can preview Lizzel's work at and mine at
Hey everyone, I just updated my site with a series of limited edition art prints. They're printed on Heavy WaterColor Art paper, signed and numbered by me. Thanks for looking!

Also, please don't be offended, but I simply don't have the time to check my messages on DA. Please, if you need to contact me, feel free to email me directly.